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An eternity of scribblings
aspiringtoeloquence's foray into livejournal
 Eventually I will get around to moving my writing over here, but for now most of it (the longer stuff, especially) can be found  here (my stories) and on  tumblr, where I write lots of drabbles. At the moment there are only a few oneshots here, but hopefully once I work out the easiest way to format things, some more can be here too. :)



Title: Apartment 207 --- Part 1/3
Author: mybriefeternity (a.k.a. aspiringtoeloquence)
Artist: egobus
[Link to the beautiful art]
Rating: PG-13
Beta: idoltina
Wordcount: ~12,100
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Summary: The universe has a way of coming up with contingency plans.
Notes: Written as part of the 2013 klaine reversebigbang, and I am very lucky to have been able to write for such wonderful art. Thank you, egobus!
Thanks to thetardisblue for the formatting help.
This fic was completed (minus some minor edits) in late June, before the passing of Cory Monteith. As such it contains Finn Hudson as a relatively minor character.

This is how it could have happened.

Apartment 207 has been empty for a while now.Collapse )

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Title: Swing the Spinning Step
Author: mybriefeternity (a.k.a. aspiringtoeloquence)
Artist: darrenstop (art post is here!)
Rating: PG-13 for language and sexual discussions.
Betas: whenidanceidoltina
Wordcount: ~32,000 total
Characters/Pairings: Kurt/Blaine [with some background canon pairings]. Rachel Berry, Mercedes Jones, Tina Cohen-Chang, Sam Evans, Finn Hudson (and a couple of blink and you’ll miss them cameos).
Summary: Kurt Hummel, a copy-editor at The New York Sentinel, just got his big break: the chance to become a reporter, go undercover at a local high school and write an expose. His job is made a lot more complicated by the people he meets (one in particular, an English teacher with a passion for his subject and a penchant for bowties) and the things he learns - both about high school and about himself.
Notes/Thanks: My betas, whenidance and idoltina, deserve all the praise and thanks in the world; it’s a miracle that either of them are still talking to me (tricking you into beta-ing was the best decision I could have made!) . They helped me carve out this story, and without them it never would have happened. Additional thanks go to aubreyli for working plot through with me in spite of (dot dot dot) and to whatiknew for letting me keysmash in her direction. Thanks also to my wonderful artist, darrenstop on tumblr, who is both endlessly talented and completely lovely! Please go look at her lovely art for this story!
Extra Information: As well as being written for the beyond_dapper Blaine Big Bang, this was also posted anonymously as part of the 2012 klaine_endgame challenge. So you can also find the first part (and subsequently all six) here. The only changes made in the interim were the adjustment of a couple of typos and one or two necessary phrase changes. Thank you to the mods of both fests for being so accommodating!

This is a complete retooling of the movie Never Been Kissed (1999). It shouldn’t be at all necessary to have seen it in order to read this. Some basic elements from both universes have had to be altered, and for the sake of being true to the characters (this version of them) some minor points from the movie have been removed altogether. In this universe Kurt didn’t go to McKinley, and he and a (slightly younger) Finn were the only members of what might have been the Glee Club to go to school in Lima. Other characters may appear in different capacities (and to varying degrees). Title from the song 'Kiss Me' (by Sixpence None the Richer).

[Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV - Part V - Part VI]

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